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Thursday, January 14, 2010

God of War!

Hi there. hello hello. I am Roserie. I am NOT your father FYI. we're not that geeky. However on to serious matters. The God of war Trilogy. I will state my opinion on each of the three games. but ofcourse it will be my hopes and dreams for the third game. depending on when I manage to get this done. Well the first game was about this Kratos fellow. whom in the intro actually commits suicide. Wohooo and of the cliff he goes. This Kratos then ends up in the underworld. The land of the dead. then you must travel through greek and fight of all kinds of mythological creatures. While on your selfdestructive path to kill Ares the god of war. WHY? well along time ago Kratos made a pact with the god of war that he could take his soul when he were to die. In return Kratos would gain ultimate power and become the greatest warrior the world had ever seen next to "the hoff" (David hasselhoff) ofcourse. However it all ended tragicly when Kratos found himself standing over his dead wife (how he managed to kill his own wife in his own house without even noticing is beyond me... Anyway you follow Kratos through the entire Greece and get superduper special weapons by the gods. since they as well obviously hate Ares enough to hire a hitman (kratos)take a look at this awesome super duper action clips. "oh my god its soooo awesome Roserie-sama!!!" :P

well it might be a bit long but its cool so bare with me folks.


  1. ey where is my supercool video?

  2. Was this super cool video uploaded from your computer or embedded from the web?

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  4. Yeah, but since when was Star Wars "that geeky"? That's been a commonly popular line since 1980 :P