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Sunday, January 24, 2010

the um eh imagine of eh doctor ehm pastery?

Hi good folks. sorry im kinda late. An old lady walked by and i had to help her cross the street... Ok. So it was kinda like the worst title ever. but you would understand why i picked it. right? um yeah.I can't get myself to remember the name of that movie. even though i saw it just a couple of hours ago.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
So i went to the movies today and i saw this fantastic movie. I mean. To honor the memory of a brilliant actor. Heath Ledger. He did a splendid performance in Batman and he did a splendid performance in this the movie is about this Doctor Parnassus and his "Imaginarium". a traveling show in wich the doctor Parnassus played by Christopher Plummer (Alexander and National Treasure) accompanied by his daughter Valentina, Percy the little persone and Anton, leads strangers through a mirror in wich they're fantasies will become a reality. However doctor Parnassus is haunted by the cunning Mr.Nick as he calls himself (the devil) whom he have made a deal with. in order to regain his mortality and seduce the woman he loves he traded his daughter Valentina. At the day of her 16th birthday she will belong to Mr.Nick. With his comrades the fantastic Anton, Percy and eventually Tony (Heath ledger)they embark on a quest against time to collect 5 souls before the devil can do the same.

A collection of some of the best actors in the biz. And the result proves so. With Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrel as bi-characters it might reflect the quality. In my opinion a brilliant piece of art from Terry Gillian (Life of brian and Monty python and the holy grail)

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