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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whoopee! Let's party with Mickey Mouse!

Time to watch a Mickey Mouse cartoon! And take it easy, I'm not talking about one of those later 'toons where Mickey got pupils and puffy cheeks and gradually got all grown up and boring. I'm talking about one of the vintage black and white shorts, more specifically "The Whoopee Party" from September 17, 1932. This hilarious Mickey short was produced by Walt Disney and directed by Wilfred Jackson at the time when Mickey's popularity was really soaring; and at a time when he was still a very lively, very entertaining character. Maybe even more importantly, this whole cartoon was made just for fun - which shows. They even throw in a few politically incorrect blackface gags... and while these are usually (and sadly) cut in TV screenings of today, the Disney crew (and their colleagues) did it all in good fun back in the thirties.

You might wanna be careful as to whom you mention the part about "all in good fun", though. I did in a Youtube comment for the film below and was declared an insensitive racist shortly afterwards. Ah, the joy of expressing one's opinions in the mature company of Youtube users.


  1. woow i found you to be an insensitive rascist just by reading that. but im kind of a hypocrite though.

  2. Ah, so you're only pretending to be offended to protect your public image! Good to know;)

  3. gotta think about the fans aye?