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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

91 Stomperud: When Norwegian Comic Strips Really Rocked!

The naive military anti-hero 91 Stomperud was created in 1937 as a Norwegian version of a popular Swedish army strip (91:an Karlsson, 1932-). Soon, however, Norway embraced Private 91 as a cultural icon in his own right. "Nr. 91 Stomperud" became one of our most beloved, best-selling comic strips for the next three decades, and the annual Christmas Magazine is still one of our top sellers. Also, the strip has become so rooted in traditions that it still doesn't have speech bubbles... at least not yet. I'm gonna be presenting ancient strips of this internationally way too unknown gem - showing to the world that thinks Pondus is something what it was like when Norwegian comics REALLY rocked! Get set, the march is starting! These pages from the 1947 Christmas Magazine were written by Ernst Gervin and drawn by one of the finest comic artists Norway has ever fostered, Thorbjørn Weea. Click on the low-quality pictures for high-quality resolutions.

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